Our Team

Sudhakar Pennam


The origin to my ‘path to progress’ began with a degree in engineering in one of the most prestigious colleges in India, more than 2 decades ago. Right after my graduation, I embarked on a successful and enriching journey to become a serial entrepreneur, primarily within the domain of IT consulting and solutions, leveraging the talent in the two magnificent countries, I have been associated with – USA and India.

Kirk Smith

Director, Business Development

Kirk Smith is the Director of Business Development of Orabase. He is responsible for helping clients transform into digital innovators by streamlining their business processes through the use of technology, reducing costs and managing risks with a proven track record of driving business value.

Andrew Jackson

Business Development Director

Andrew has spent 10+ years helping companies use IT to solve business problems. He has extensive experience working with executives to strategize, implement and execute enterprise solutions. Andrew enjoys collaborating with our clients to help find solutions that are in their best interest. This allows us to build and maintain lasting business relationships.

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